-Christoph Wojciechowski

and enjoy being able to serve others by capturing moments of excitement, happiness, & love that will hopefully, one day, be passed down for generations to come.

I am in the midst of teenage years right now; my oldest daughter is a SENIOR (how did that happen), my middle daughter is now a sophomore, and my youngest is in middle school - so I guess that makes me pretty qualified to be a Senior Portrait Photographer - right? I am a coffee addict (because raising teenage girls is exhausting - lol) & my ALL-TIME favorite "blend" is the Starbucks Holiday blend. Most days you can find me in a baseball hat, coffee in hand running my three daughters around or watching their sporting events (okay let's be real - photographing their sporting events).

I LOVE musicals (yes, even High School Musical & Camp Rock), but some of my favorites have been my girls “Barbie” movies…can you ever outgrow those?

Stephanie Marie Photography

"you don’t have to be ‘a creative’ to be creative"

I'm thrilled you're here!

Welcome to

 I’m Stephanie, a mom of THREE beautiful, fun and insanely busy girls

I  feel so  blessed

As a natural light specialist

Living in Saint Louis, I believe that natural light, from the sun and its reflections, create photographs that feel fresh, timeless and truest to you.

A session with Stephanie Marie isn't just about taking pictures. It's about developing a relationship together, getting to know who you are, and bringing that out in the form of visual art.

I am a people centered photographer, which means that I ensure my clients have an amazing experience and that they & their portraits get the attention and love they deserve.

Mastery of lighting, hiding undesirable features, and creating radiant skin tones are amongst the most difficult and most important parts of producing a perfect portrait. My years of experience, extensive education & attention to detail will create images

that flatter, look editorial and feel fresh, authentic, modern & fun!

The "Lake" of the Ozarks is our "Home away from Home"

Sour Patch Kids and Doritos don't stand a chance in our house.

If given the choice between having dad's steak for dinner vs. going out for steak - DAD's steak WINS EVERY TIME - it's the best and we have become "steak snobs" b/c of it

Movie nights are a must, at least once weekly and must include popcorn and/or ice-cream

Bruh...is the new "dude" & it's heard ALL the time...

One male, 4 females, one female dog = poor DAD

Jason and I met on a blind date

He told me he was wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt...well, so was EVERY OTHER guy sitting at tables. I remember walking onto the outside patio and without hesitation I walked right up to this one guy in particular and said - Hi, Jason? It's nice to meet you.... thankfully it was HIM, it was weird I just knew that it was him...we proceeded to sit and talk for then next 3 hours a lot about nothing really, well...we talked about our families and that's what stuck out to me the most - his love for his family!  That weekend he was going golfing with his dad and brother and uncles for his soon to be cousin in laws bachelor party/weekend.

 As we parted I mentioned that if he ever wanted someone to hang with again to let me know - he mentioned Sunday for dinner and that was that! We met August 9th, 2000 and one year later on our year anniversary we brought home our 1st baby girl - who will be 18 this August! It has not always been easy but I could not imagine my life had I not went on that blind date.

It was a Thursday night and we met at Harpo's.

Our  story

I'm a DOG mamma

and believer in kisses!!!

My dogs name is Sadie Rose, however, we really should have named her “Princess” as that’s what she is. AND, she’s a huge snuggler

Call me crazy but I LOVE Winter

OH MY AND when it's all said and done - a trip to the coffee shop to warm up afterwards.

It’s my favorite season to photograph in...the grasses have turned to a beautiful golden honey color, the light illuminates the clients skin, making them look even more fabulous & clients just "pop" from an image with having less distractions in the background. My favorite part - ACCESSORIES! Soft, fuzzy scarves, hats, coats, sweaters, boots.

I live for coffee

I mean I am raising three teenage girls =)
& my ALL-TIME favorite "blend" is the Starbucks Holiday blend

I'm a professional hairstylist

you’re hair is going to look GREAT!

I have been a professional hairstylist since 1995.

I don't have a “childhood” home that I grew up in 

My dad was in the Coast Guard for 26 years, so I moved every 2-3 yrs as a child. I have lived in Alaska as well as Hawaii, Alaska was my favorite place, I just did not know it at the time!



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